Training of Trainers Certificate Course – Level 3

Online Training of Trainers' Certificate Course - Level 3

“The child is the spiritual builder of mankind, and obstacles to his free development are the stones in the wall by which the soul of man has become imprisoned.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Course Overview

The Training of Trainers’ Certificate Course Level 3 includes managing and lecturing for at least 1 program module with the support of an experienced and qualified Montessori lecturer.

The candidate lecturer will now take responsibility for communicating, setting goals, objectives and learning outcomes for the adult learners. They will also be planning, instructing, assessing and evaluating their lessons as well as providing feedback to the adult learners in the group. 

The candidate lecturer will continue to observe and discuss experiences with the senior mentoring lecturer and record their experiences and impressions in their reflective journal.

Course Details

The candidate lecturer will be guided, mentored and observed by a Senior Lecturer , while presenting Montessori Lessons, under the following headings: 

  1. Communication with adult learners
  2. Goals, Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  3. Planning the lesson
  4. Executing the lesson
  5. Instructional Materials
  6. Assessment Techniques
  7. Evaluation Techniques
  8. Personal Learning
  9. Final Reflective Assessment

Feedback will be provided to the candidate lecturer both from the Senior Lecturer and the Adult Montessori Learners.

Course Duration: 120 hours approximately, which includes preparation of a Montessori module, lesson plans, presenting to Adult Learners, evaluating assignments, quizzes, tests and essays, other tasks as required, discussions, and mentorship.

Course Goals

  • to become a professional, Montessori Lecturer who understand the principles of adult education and model the Montessori principles.
  • to develop Montessori Trainers who will support and continue the work of Dr. Montessori
  • to share with humility your knowledge and experiences passing the light of Montessori to others.

Course Aims and Objectives

Within the course aims and objectives you will:

  • to gain experience in lecturing to adult learners taking the Montessori program
  • preparing and planning Montessori lectures for adult learners
  • reflecting on your lecturing style and interactions with the adult learners
  • obtaining feedback from the senior lecturer

Admission Process:

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have:

A Montessori diploma from a MACTE accredited Training College or from AMI 

A minimum of 3 years teaching experience in a Montessori prepared environment (classroom)

A university degree or equivalent

successfully completed the Training of Trainers’ Certificate Course Level 1 (minimum grade requirement of 75%)

successfully completed the Training of Trainers’ Certificate Course Level 2 (minimum grade requirement of 75%)

Course Schedule

Please contact MTC to determine a schedule

Course is offered part-time

Course Fees

Training of Trainers Certificate Course Level 3: $795.00

Course Career Opportunities

After taking this course, you can apply to the following positions:

Montessori Lecturer with a Montessori Training College

School Supervisor/Administrator

School Principal/Vice-Principal

Montessori Teacher’s Supervisor