Starting Your Montessori School Program

Starting Your Montessori School: A Step-by-Step Guide

“A school which has the environment of life as its aim will be prepared to provide opportunities for all of the child’s needs.”  – Dr. Maria Montessori

Coming October 2024

Program Overview

Are you planning on opening your own Montessori school? Whether you’re an entrepreneur passionate about Montessori education or a dedicated Montessorian aiming to acquire essential business and administrative skills, this program is your pathway to success!

Starting Your Montessori School is a comprehensive program divided into two specialized courses: Montessori School Establishment and Montessori School Management. Each course is delivered exclusively online, offering a flexible 40-hour curriculum with weekly two-hour lectures.

While each course can be taken independently, they are designed to complement each other, forming a robust entrepreneurial package when completed together. Upon finishing each course, you will receive a certificate, solidifying your expertise and readiness to start a Montessori school. Don’t venture into opening a new school without a strategic plan. Learn from successful Montessori school owners. We’re here to support you on your journey! Take the proactive first step—enroll now and start building your Montessori school with confidence.

Montessori School Establishment

For leaders ready to embark on the exciting journey of school ownership, our Montessori School Establishment course is the definitive starting point. This course provides expert guidance on crafting a comprehensive business plan, ensuring that by the end, you have a strong framework in place to successfully launch and operate your Montessori school. Join us to turn your vision into reality with confidence and strategic insight.

Montessori School Management

For leaders who are ready to bring their Montessori school to life and are equipped with a solid business plan, the Montessori School Management course is the next critical step. This course offers an in-depth exploration of administrative tools and best practices as taught by established Montessori school owners, ensuring you maintain the authentic Montessori identity while growing a successful school. Gain the strategic insights needed to successfully manage and lead your Montessori school.