Starting a Home Based Montessori School

Starting a Home Based Montessori School

“It is through work alone that a child develops.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Course Overview

“Starting a Home-Based Montessori School” is a 12-week-long Certificate course guiding entrepreneurs through the process of planning to open a successful home-based Montessori school business. This Entrepreneurial Certificate course is an online intensive program.

Course Objectives

The objective of this Entrepreneurial Certificate course is to provide individuals with the most comprehensive and current information needed to plan and implement a successful home-based Montessori business within their local community, anywhere in the world. The program comprises of 12 Modules, methodologically walking entrepreneurs through planning, researching regulations, analyzing demographics and ultimately, launching your own home-based Montessori program. Modules cover such topics as indoor home design, licensing and operating regulations, policies, budgeting, securing the necessary financing, creating a unique brand with a  marketing strategy, and performing community outreach with parents in the neighbourhood.

Entrepreneurs Learning Outcomes

This Entrepreneurial Certificate course is designed so that, by the end of the 12 modules, individuals will be able to confidently create a beautiful and inviting home-based Montessori business. Entrepreneurs will know how to navigate licensing and operating regulations in their area, understand local demographics and community needs, secure financing, plan and design a home-based Montessori school program that appeals to the families in the community. Entrepreneurs will also learn how to research the appropriate resources and be equipped with strategies to navigate the ongoing operation of their program to ensure long term success.

Course Details

“Starting a Home-Based Montessori School” is an online program that is comprised of 12 Modules. Each module contains recorded lectures, PowerPoint presentations, assignments designed to guide the entrepreneur’s developing business knowledge and skills. In addition entrepreneurs will have online access to relevant resources, discussion questions, templates and checklists. The course also includes 12 virtual weekly meetings, which are approximately 2 hours in length, to allow entrepreneurs to check in and connect with other experienced entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. These weekly meetings will also provide a platform to exchange ideas and discuss plans and strategies to develop your business. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have:

completed a high school diploma and college diploma or university degree or equivalent

successfully pass the English Language Assessment (part of the Application Form)

minimum 2 years’ experience working with children in a childcare setting

preference will be given to those who have completed their ECE or the Montessori Diploma

Admission Process

The admission process is as follows:

Step 1: Submit Application

Application Form (link) and include your updated Resume

Application Fee (currently waived!)

Montessori Teachers College will contact you for an interview

Step 2:

Upon acceptance into the program, you will need to choose a payment option

Course Calendar

Course Dates: April 3, 2022 – July 5th, 2022*

Classes will be on Wednesday from 8:00pm – 10:0pm (EST) 

*Please note that dates may be subject to change

Program Fees

Application Fee: $0 (Currently Waived!)

Program Fee: $975.00 (see Schedule of Tuition Payments below)

Schedule of Tuition Payments:

2 Options for Tuition Payments

Upfront Payment of $975.00

Pay in 2 equal instalments of $487.50 (one payment prior to the program start date, second payment prior to Module 3 in the program)

Please note: We are happy to discuss alternative payment schedules. Please contact to inquire.