About Montessori Teachers College

"We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being." - Dr.Maria Montessori

About Montessori Teachers College

Since inception in 2005, Montessori Teachers College aims to ignite the flame of a quality Montessori education in each of our Montessori teachers which respectfully and intelligently nurtures, guides and follows the child in a beautifully prepared Montessori environment.

Montessori Teachers College’s objective extends far beyond educating adult learners in the Montessori philosophy and methodology and the technical and procedural requirements for acquiring Montessori certification. The certification is a by-product of our mission to ignite our adult learners’ passion to appreciate and respect through observation, the child’s spirit and love of learning and exploring for themselves. By preparing our adult learners for the responsibilities of leadership within the Montessori community, we hope to enable and empower them to carry the light of Dr. Maria Montessori’s brilliant work into the future.

Through this and through the promotion and advancement of quality Montessori education, Montessori Teachers College hopes to make a meaningful contribution to a more understanding, caring, harmonious and peaceful world for generations to come.

Montessori Teachers College has been supporting the Adult Learners and community for over 15 years. We offer MACTE accredited Diploma programs, Certificate programs, Upgrades, Workshops and Refresher courses. With our options for in-person and online classes, we strive to identify each one of our adult learners needs and help work towards their short and long-term goals. 

In addition to the traditional Teaching Programs, Montessori Teachers College is proud to be the only Montessori College in Canada offering educational programs for the elderly. Click HERE to find out more information in regard to our Montessori Dementia Program.

Montessori Teachers College provides Teacher Candidates the resources and skillsets to become flexible, adaptable, resourceful, and competent. Graduates will have the expertise and practical experiences to pursue the career of their choice and possess the necessary knowledge and qualifications to be successful in their chosen field.


Montessori Teachers College trains adult learners to become flexible, adaptable, resourceful Montessori teachers who possess the skills to meet the needs of children today and tomorrow.


Montessori Teachers College will guide and train adult learners to assist in the development of children who will
become independent, responsible, contributing members of society. The major strengths of our College are the
focus on a broad range of teaching strategies to support the children’s learning.


Montessori Teachers College operates within the provisions of the Human Rights Code of the Province of Ontario, which guarantees freedom from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, religious persuasion, race, or colour. Human dignity in an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and openness is promoted at all times.

Core Values

Core values anchor the growth of Montessori Teachers College and guide our vision for the future.


We hold an abiding belief in the individuality of every child and recognize each one as a valued member of our greater learning community.


We engender within our children and our teachers, a sense of respect for self, others, the environment and the world around us, in accordance with the fundamental tenets of Montessori philosophy.


We understand that observation is the science behind our knowledge of the child.


We endeavor to ignite the curiosity and thirst for knowledge that is innate to every student by capitalizing on the individual’s emergent interests and natural motivation to engage in spontaneous learning.

Global Community

We foster independence within the context and diversity of a global community, by preparing our students to embrace the duties and responsibilities of global citizenship.

History Of Montessori Teachers College

Montessori Teachers College is one of North America’s pre-eminent Montessori Training Colleges. Since its inception in January 2005, the College has been providing pedagogical Montessori knowledge to Adult Learners, based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of child observation and guidance in a prepared environment.

Excellence is the trademark of the Montessori Teachers College organization. Over the past 15 years, we have earned the respect and recognition of the greater Canadian and global Montessori community, as the best source for a Montessori education. It is the intention of Montessori Teachers College to carry this tradition forward to further promote quality Montessori education throughout Canada around the world.

Montessori Teachers College focuses on providing broad in-depth vocational programs  and  professional courses of high academic standards in conjunction with extensive internship placement opportunities for adult learners in Montessori schools. Graduates from our programs become problem solvers, innovators and resourceful Montessori educational guides for children from infancy to adolescents.

Montessori Teachers College provides exceptional opportunities for Directresses, Guides, Facilitators and Teachers and sets the stage for future success, while laying the Montessori foundation for a lifetime of discovery and learning.

Our affordable programs offer various payment plans to ensure that finance does not hinder  our teacher candidates learning. Our certified and accredited (MACTE) programs and reputation within the Montessori Community serves as a tradition of success for our graduates.

MTC has been educating adult learners for the past 15 years. Our course of studies will provide you with a professional program of the highest standard, in which you can immerse yourself. We believe that teachers need to be life-long learners so that they can better serve the child, and thus transform the world.

Moreover, the affordable cost of becoming a certified Montessori guide is a small investment that will reap countless benefits upon seeing the positive difference that Montessori Teachers can make in the early childhood and academic journey of their future students.

Montessori Teachers College provides Teacher Candidates the resources and skillsets to become flexible, adaptable, resourceful, and competent. Graduates will have the expertise and practical experiences to pursue the career of their choice and possess the necessary knowledge and qualifications to be successful in their chosen field.


We acknowledge we are hosted on the lands of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat. We also recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples.

Nous reconnaissons que nous sommes accueillis sur les terres des Mississaugas des Anichinabés, de la Confédération Haudenosaunee et du Wendat. Nous voulons également reconnaître la pérennité de la présence des Premières Nations, des Métis et des Inuit.