MTC’s helpful and knowledgeable staff guided me through the course, not only providing me with the skills for the classroom, but also making me a true believer in the Montessori method and philosophy. Promptly after my graduation I was offered a job in a wonderful school

Kate K.

 I will always recommend M.T.C as it offers the best possible Montessori programs. I love the extra care taken in providing the adult learners with the tools to be the best Montessori teacher they can be.


Thanks to my education at Montessori Teachers College, I feel confident in my knowledge of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. Not only have I had much practical experience using all of the Montessori materials, but I also have an in depth understanding of each material, how it fits in to the Montessori curriculum, and the many ways the materials help the child in their developmental journey. The instructors are all kind and approachable, plus the knowledge they pass on is practical and supported by their years of working in a Montessori classroom. I would highly recommend the MTC Early Childhood course to any prospective Montessori Educator!


The Lower Elementary teacher training program is the perfect fit for those who are currently full time employed. The pace of the workload can be heavy at times, however the support from the instructors is incredible. The bond that we developed as a group, sharing struggles and triumphs is something we will always carry with us as we venture into the future.


This year has been a learning year. I learned so much about myself. What I didn’t know was that this Elementary teaching program would teach me more about myself and the way I teach. The teachers are truly exceptional, always helpful and guiding. This program has been amazing.


Montessori Teachers College provided me with the theoretical knowledge and hands on experience that I need to confidently be the best guide that I can be. I am excited to change young lives for the better!



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