Wendy Agnew

Guest Lecturer


Wendy Agnew is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Ph.D. program in Holistic Learning, has a Master’s Degree in Global Education and a Bachelor’s of Education from York University.

She also holds Montessori Diplomas from Toronto Montessori Institute for Primary Teaching (MACTE), Lower and Upper Elementary Teaching (MACTE), Teacher Educators, Training of Trainers, as well as a Primary Montessori Teaching Diploma (AMI).

Wendy has spent over 30 years serving as a mentor and arts advisor at the Montessori Academy in Maputo, Mozambique; mounting a permanent installation of her students’ nature-themed murals at the University of Toronto; spearheading a national program to bring Montessori’s vision to 360 Teachers in Iran; sitting on the advisory board for the founding of The Equinox School, a coalition involving alternative disciplines and the Toronto District School Board; and helping bring Montessori into the public system in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Wendy is cofounder and consultant for internationally renowned Sustainability Frontiers and facilitates Arts and Nature integration for elementary and junior high at The Sunshine Montessori School in Kitchener, Ontario. Her publications feature a dynamic blend of systems theory, student innovation and eclectic prose. 

Wendy’s passion is Cosmic Creativity in curriculum exploration and development. Her doctorate details experiences with early childhood, elementary and high school students and the soul-stretching surprises inherent in “following the child”.  She co-founded the first Montessori school in Iran. She is indebted to Audrey Sillick, her first trainer for helping to reveal the potency of nature as a mentor and to Paula Glasgow, founder and Dean of Montessori Teachers College, for her enduring collegial inspiration.