Sarah Enright

Sarah Enright

Program Coordinator, Lecturer, Practicum Supervisor & Assessor

Bachelor of Arts  – Laurier University
Masters of Education – Laurier University
Montessori School Management Diploma – AMS
Early Childhood Montessori Diploma – TMI
Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori Diploma – TMI
Currently pursuing Ph.D. (Education) 


Sarah knew as a child that she was passionate about working with children. During her time at University, Sarah volunteered in a variety of schools and felt that mainstream education did not fit her. Sarah looked into alternative teaching methods and discovered Montessori pedagogy. When Sarah first observed in a classroom, she felt like she had found her home. As soon as Sarah graduated from university, she took her Montessori training for both the Early Childhood and Elementary levels. Sarah has had the privilege of teaching at all levels, as well as working in school administration and teacher education. Sarah loves working in teacher education as she enjoys watching adult learners ignite their spark for teaching.    

When Sarah is not busy teaching, she partakes in many of her hobbies, interests and passions that keep her family busy and active. Sarah enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, biking, reading, knitting and travelling. Sarah loves anything to do with water…on it, in it, and under it as she is also a certified scuba diver. 

Sarah has completed her Master’s of Education degree. In the past 5 years, Sarah has been focusing on adult education as she believes supporting teachers and teachers-in-training will be important for Montessori in the future. Sarah’s vision for future Montessori education is that it would be available for all children and adults in Canada, and across the world. There are many barriers to accessing Montessori education for children and adult learners (eg. Cost, location, training, etc.) so she hopes to bring about the change so everyone can benefit from the Montessori pedagogy.