Lisa Tribble

Lower Elementary Lecturer and Assessor

Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON
Lower Elementary Montessori Diploma Program, Toronto Montessori Institute, Toronto, ON
Upper Elementary Montessori Diploma Program, Toronto Montessori Institute, Toronto, ON
Early Childhood Montessori Assistant Certificate, Toronto Montessori Institute, Toronto, ON


Lisa’s journey in the world of Montessori began when she was searching for a solution for her daughter, who was having a difficult time in the public school system. After years of working with teenagers and adults with intellectual learning differences and physical impairments, Lisa wondered if the public school system had failed these vulnerable individuals.

Upon discovering Montessori, Lisa enrolled in the first available Teacher Trainer course and knew immediately Montessori was for her! Since then, Lisa has spent 20 years as a Lower Elementary Teacher and three years as a combined Lower and Upper Elementary Teacher.

When she’s not teaching, Lisa enjoys watching history documentaries, reading, looming, knitting and crocheting. Lisa also loves the outdoors and enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, kickboxing workouts, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling.

Lisa also considers herself a sci-fi geek and loves to watch movies related to Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics.

Lisa hopes that Montessori will become more mainstream, available and accessible to more children, and believes that the use of the Montessori methodology in the public school system would make our public schools a more peaceful and joyful place for children to learn and grow.