Lauren Majowicz

Assistant Lecturer, Assessor, Course Developer for Infant Toddler Diploma Program

B.A – McMaster University

Infant Toddler Diploma – Toronto Montessori Institute/MACTE

Training of Trainers


In 2004, Lauren lived and worked at a totally outdoor daycare in Big Sur California. It was here that Lauren discovered the amazing resilience and capability of toddlers. These tiny humans had the ability to prepare all their own food, take care of animals, garden, and use carpentry tools. This initial introduction to the richness of “practical life” experiences for children in early childhood and the incredible potential toddlers have for joyful independence eventually led Lauren to explore Montessori. Lauren went on to complete her Teacher Training in 2010 and has since, been deeply committed to providing the 0–3-year-old community with both natural outdoor experiences as well as real work opportunities.

Lauren is currently working on an article/book that explores strategies for classroom management in the Montessori Toddler classroom.  Her hope for Montessori education is that all schools, including urban ones, can find ways to prioritize sensory experiences in nature all year round for the young child.  Lauren wishes that all Montessori communities can increase opportunities for children in all planes of development to engage in real, meaningful, practical life work in support of their communities. Lauren dreams of seeing the creation of a system of Montessori-based alternative schools in the public system.  This amazing educational pedagogy needs to be available to all children, not just those who can afford it. Lauren is also currently working as a Lead Montessori Guide at Dundas Valley Montessori School.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys crafting, baking, and reading great novels. Playing in the woods of High Park and having disco dance parties with her two elementary aged boys are some of Lauren’s favourite weekend adventures.  Lauren can also be found listening to real crime podcasts, watching historical dramas and documentaries about ballet and space.

Lauren spent close to two years living, working and practicing meditation at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in California. When she first arrived, she discovered another Canadian named Carl in residence.  Five years later, they got married!