Kim Poole

Kim Poole

Lecturer and Assessor - Lower Elementary Montessori Diploma Program

Bachelor of Arts – York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Lower Elementary Montessori Diploma – TMI


Kim was first introduced to Montessori education 23 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter.  When attending an Open House at TMI, Kim was instantly inspired by the hands-on materials and the calm professionalism of the trainers.  Kim knew she had finally found an environment that she felt comfortable in and was granted an opportunity to learn, grow, and create a career in which she can guide children.  Having an opportunity to help other like-minded individuals begin their journey into Montessori, is the most motivational way for Kim to reinvent herself, after teaching in a lower elementary Montessori classroom for 22 years.

When Kim is not in the classroom, she loves to partake in her absolute favourite hobby which is fishing.  Whether it is fishing for bass in the middle of a lake, or standing in a creek casting for salmon, fishing provides her with peace, quiet and fresh air.  If she need to think anything through, Kim always tries to go fishing.

At the moment, Kim is currently trying to finish writing a book on events for Montessori Elementary classrooms throughout the year.  It follows the culture curriculum and includes suggestions for field trips, classroom special guests/activities and school wide special events like International Day, Science Fair, Literature Night or the Art Exhibit. Kim’s favourite event of any school year is the Spring play where she has the chance to write and direct all of her students from third year Casa to grade 8.  Kim enjoys customizing stories the graduating students really love and incorporating their passions into the script.