Juile Gallagher

Early Childhood Montessori Diploma Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts, York University
Early Childhood Montessori Diploma, Toronto Montessori Institute
Infant Toddler Montessori Assistant Certificate Program, Toronto Montessori Institute
Lower Elementary Assistant Certificate Program, Toronto Montessori Institute
Special Learning Needs Certificate Program, Toronto Montessori Institute


Julie’s love for Montessori education blossomed during her university years when she witnessed the profound impact that the Montessori method had on children and felt inspired to delve into the principles of this innovative approach.

Her journey into Montessori education unfolded over the next two decades, marked by
unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to the method. Julie’s teaching career in
Montessori classrooms allowed her to refine her skills and gain a profound understanding of Dr. Maria Montessori’s transformative educational philosophy.

After more than 20 years of experiencing the positive transformations in her students, Julie felt a strong calling to expand her influence beyond a single classroom. Recognizing the potential to make a broader impact, she gracefully transitioned into a leadership role within the Montessori school that has become her second home.

As a leader, Julie’s mission extends far beyond mere administrative tasks. Her aim is to inspire fellow educators, connect with parents, and passionately advocate for the benefits of the Montessori method. Through engaging workshops and collaborative initiatives, Julie breathes life into the philosophy, instilling a genuine passion for Montessori education throughout the entire school community. Her warm and inviting
approach creates an environment where everyone, from teachers to parents, embraces the essence of Montessori with enthusiasm and joy.