Hugh Merson

Lecturer, Practicum Supervisor, Assessor – Early Childhood

Early Childhood Diploma – MTC

Training of Trainers Certificate


As a young child who attended a Montessori school growing up, Hugh was introduced to the Montessori teachings early on. When volunteering with children and rediscovering the Montessori method later in life, Hugh understood the path he wanted to pursue. Hugh decided to pursue a Montessori Diploma and use his classroom experience, knowledge and passion to teach others. Hugh strongly believes in Dr. Montessori’s mission, to better society through the child, and feels that quality teacher education is a core component of that mission.

When Hugh is not teaching, he enjoys playing and watching basketball, growing bonsai trees, playing boardgames, playing the ukulele and spending time with family. Hugh hopes that the future of Montessori education becomes the prevailing philosophy of education, from infancy through to adulthood.