Elizabeth Flenniken

Early Childhood Montessori Diploma Lecturer

Early Childhood Montessori Diploma, A.M.I., Ohio Montessori Teacher Training Institute
D.E.R.S Certification
Accreditation Team Member, CCMA


Elizabeth has been involved with Montessori Education for most of her adult life. Her interest in
Montessori Education was ignited the first time she sat and observed a Montessori classroom. She was mesmerized by the simplicity of the lesson and she knew in that moment that, had she been given the opportunity to learn in a similar fashion, she would have chosen a completely different career.

Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for students who are challenged by various learning and behavioral differences.  Recognizing that she herself was once a student who struggled, Elizabeth has acquired specific skills to support children experiencing difficulty in their educational journeys. Since her retirement from full-time teaching, Elizabeth’s passion now drives her to share her knowledge with other teachers so that they adequately equipped to help make Montessori education inclusive to every child.

For twenty years Elizabeth owned and operated her own Montessori Children’s House in Burlington, Ontario. She also taught at many Montessori Schools in Ontario including Dundas Valley Montessori, outside of Hamilton, ON. Prior to retirement, Elizabeth was a member of the CCMA visiting accreditation team and was certified to use DERS (the Development Environmental Rating Scale) in this role.  

Elizabeth’s hobbies and interests have not changed since she moved to Canada at 18 years old. She loves to read, cook, and spend time with her dog. She practices yoga daily, has run many marathons and has recently climbed to the summit of Mount Piran in Banff National Park, Alberta.

In the future, Elizabeth would love to live in a tiny trailer off the grid!

Recognizing that she still has valuable information to share, Elizabeth continues to enjoy sharing her knowledge with teachers by presenting practical based workshops. Today, Elizabeth actively collaborates to create and deliver training programmes to Montessori educators in Vietnam.

Elizabeth’s true passion is to support Montessori educators – both in Canada and around the world.