Ekta Anand

Assessor & Practicum Supervisor – Early Childhood

B.A – Nagpur University, India

AMI Primary Diploma

R.E.C.E Diploma – Sheridan College

Training of Trainers


Ekta’s journey in Montessori began in 2008 when searching for a preschool for her daughter to enrol in. Ekta stumbled upon a Montessori school that immediately captured her attention. When comparing the Montessori environment to the public-school environment, Ekta was surprised by the vast difference between the two. Witnessing children of a tender age working independently on tasks such as making snacks, setting tables, washing dishes or practising sounds of letters left Ekta amazed and curious.

Though Ekta was unaware of the ideology of Montessori, she felt a sense of comfort that urged her to embrace the Montessori environment and by taking that step, Ekta knew she had found the perfect school for her little girl. Over the years, Ekta discovered her love for Maria Montessori’s philosophy and went on to pursue a Montessori Education.

In her downtime, Ekta can be found in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with various cuisines. To stay healthy and fit, Ekta also enjoys partaking in activities such as playing badminton, walking outdoors, hiking, practicing yoga and meditating. As a proud mother of a 17-year daughter, Ekta hopes to see Montessori education available for all children and their families.