MTC Transfer Program


MTC welcomes applications from those who have received certification from a non-MACTE accredited course.


Those who wish to apply for a transfer of credit will apply in writing to MTC and will submit all completed work, e.g. essays, albums, including all internship documentation.  A copy of credentials will also be submitted.

MTC will assess all completed work and will compare carefully with current MTC assignments, assessment and evaluation procedures.

A detailed report will be provided to the applicant together with clear suggestions for the most appropriate way in which the applicant can achieve a diploma from Montessori Teachers College  MACTE accredited EC Diploma Course.

In some cases, this will involve taking some or all modules of the current MTC course, and the relevant examinations.

A fee of $250 will be charged for the initial analysis and comparison.

Fees will be based on the outcome of the analysis of work submitted.  A pro-rated fee will be charged according to the current MTC fee schedule for any modules and/or examinations that may be required in order to be awarded an MTC  diploma.

A Credit Transfer adult learner will submit a complete application package which will include a completed application form, current resume, three letters of recommendation (personal, academic, employer), transcript, current criminal reference check (vulnerable sector screening) and the non refundable $375.00 application fee.

Schedule of Fees

Initial Analyis and Comparison   $250.00 Due with submission of work (non refundable)
Application Fee   $375.00 Due with application (non refundable)
Registration Fee   $500.00 Due upon acceptance (non refundable)
MACTE Fee   $215.00 Due upon acceptance (non refundable)
Tuition and Exam Fee   Pro rated,  determined after analysis of work