Jennifer Turner

Assessor, Practicum Supervisor – Early Childhood


B.A -University of Toronto, AMI Primary Training – Foundation for Montessori Education

Jennifer has always loved education but never felt a pull towards becoming a teacher in the public-school education system. When Jennifer found herself at a Montessori school in Toronto, she felt her world change instantly and found her true calling. Encouraged to become a Montessori Directress, Jennifer decided to pursue her passion and build a career she loves. Jennifer has been teaching for 20 years as an AMI trained Casa directress. Looking for an opportunity to grow, Jennifer has recently joined Montessori Teachers College to teach and assist adult learners seeking to embody and learn Montessori principles.

At home, Jennifer is a dedicated mother to two children on the ASD spectrum. Her personal experience with her children have taught her tremendously about the importance and value of a Montessori education, and the positive impact it has on children. In her downtime, Jennifer enjoys singing and song writing in the Greater Toronto Area which allows her to freely express herself.

Jennifer’s dream is to see all children have access to a Montessori education for the betterment of their lives and ours.

Jennifer has also studied Ancient Greek Civilizations and Mythology throughout her life and at the University level.