Charlene Lilly

Early Childhood Residency Coordinator (Edmonton), Practicum Supervisor, Assessor – Early Childhood


B.A, M.Ed. – Chaminade University, Early Childhood Montessori Diploma – AMS/MACTE

Working with children for many years, Charlene first discovered the Montessori world through an international opportunity when teaching in a Casa Classroom. She will never forget the moment of awe she felt when she first walked into a Montessori classroom and witnessed the way children were working independently at such a young age. Such an enlightening experience fuelled Charlene’s desire to learn about the Montessori philosophy and discover what is has to offer.

Charlene went on to study the Montessori philosophy with Dr. Marlene Barron, who taught her to consider the world from the mind of the child. She realized how important it is to respect the child as an independent and powerful being who is shaping their own life from the moment that they are born. Continually being inspired by the works of Maria Montessori, Charlene hopes to share this passion and love for Montessori with others around her.

When she is not seen with a book in her hand, she can be found listening to music, spending time outdoors or even travelling. Charlene has so far visited Tibet, China, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, France, England and is excited to continue exploring the world. She also is fluent in Mandarin.

Charlene is excited about growing the Montessori community in Edmonton. Witnessing the transition of families as they watch their child develop and grow after being in a Montessori classroom for a period of time is a life-changing moment. It’s always a big project to bring Montessori somewhere new and Charlene is excited to help.