News from the Dean’s Desk

News from the Dean’s Desk at

Montessori Teachers College on November 4, 2013 

  •  Professional Education:  

There is great interest in our next Professional Education Workshop on Saturday November 23.

            Topic:  Autism: A Montessori Approach presented by Michelle Lane-Barmapov.

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Do reserve your place soon by contacting Debbie Couture at 416 640 1565 to register; alternatively, you can download the Registration Form from our website:

NB: Michelle will have copies of her book: Autism: A Montessori Approach for sale at $12 per book. 


  • We loved meeting Katherine Barber last Saturday when she presented a fascinating workshop: Why is the English Language so Wacky?  See pictures below.   Katherine also presents amazing workshops on Ballet. 
  • Many thanks to Anca Ardeleanu for sharing her thoughts on Katherine’s workshop. 
Florene Shuber, Katherine Barber, Jan Lum and Paula Glasgow

Florene Shuber, Katherine Barber, Jan Lum and Paula Glasgow

”Why is English Language so Wacky?”…

What a delightful presentation by Katherine Barber. Ms Barber presented a dense and delightful introduction to English language history. She is not only an expert in the field but also has a great sense of humour.
How did we end up today with this wacky spelling? Well, the French are a big part of all the trouble we have today. Now I understand the expression:
” Excuse my French!”

At one point in Europe’s history, French was the main language of the aristocracy. England was taken by of William the Conqueror, and French became the official language for kingdom’s affairs. The French were not able to pronounce some of the sounds in English, so they eliminated them. English and French, two languages with such different origins, Germanic and Latin, gave us today a wacky language.
I strongly recommend her books :” Six Words You Never Knew Had Something to Do with Pigs “and “Only in Canada, You Say: A Treasury of Canadian Language.”

“Thank you very much to MTC for organizing this workshop.”

  • CAMT Conference on Friday, November 1:  We loved meeting new and old friends at this stimulating annual event and  include a selection of photos below.
Debbie Couture, Daureena Facchini

Debbie Couture, Daureena Facchini

Paula Glasgow, Barton Graff, Maureen Harris

Paula Glasgow, Barton Graff, Maureen Harris

Paula Glasgow, Nathalie Rengifo, Jennifer Moore, Venessa Rampersad

Paula Glasgow, Nathalie Rengifo, Jennifer Moore, Venessa Rampersad

  • 2014 Courses:  The following MTC courses commence in January 2014:

Elementary Part 1 (commences with on-line module)

Infant Toddler

Introduction to Montessori philosophy and materials for Assistants

Later in Spring 2014 MTC will offer an enriched review course for those who have already taken the Assistants’ course. 

  • Montessori Method for Dementia:

Two Day Workshops:   Debbie Couture, Director of Training for this programme will teach at Montessori for Seniors, 16 Coldwater Rd. North York, ON on the following dates:

                                               November 11 & 12

                                               December 9 & 10

To register:     Registration forms available on MTC website.  You can also contact Debbie Couture at MTC:  416 640 1565 

Until next week…..