Montessori Classroom Assistants Position

We are seeking experienced, highly committed and passionate Guide Assistants for Casa and Elementary classrooms, in a brand new Montessori School in Toronto. Someone with a love for learning, growing, and being part of something special. We are currently an unlicensed school and are building a new, larger, licensed school- one that goes beyond the typical school. We not only focus on cognitive, social, and emotional development, skill building, and creating independence, but something beyond that, much more unique & special. We help facilitate self-esteem, self-compassion, and a growth/bulletproof mindset, as well as going deeper by instilling empowering beliefs in the children that will set them up for a lifetime of success in all facets of their life. We’re looking to be different, innovative, and truly unique.
This is based on advanced psychology and neuroscience that will be applied in the children’s environment.

We believe in the continuous flow of communication between guide, child, and parents. We believe that everyone needs to evolve in their learning, understanding, and their development. We will be providing additional training that is to be applied to the children and the environment.

This is also an opportunity for a guide’s assistant to get in on the ground floor with interest in being a part of a team and potentially a larger leadership role in the future, creating a paradigm shift in education.

We are looking for an assistant with a passion for empowering children, a love for learning and having fun. We’re looking for an assistant with emotional intelligence, empathy, and patience. An assistant that is able to adapt to the children’s learning needs, new environments, and new research. An assistant that can think on her feet and has the ability to constantly evolve and come up with creative solutions.
If you are an assistant that has a drive for continuous self-development as a priority in your life, are open-minded, and enjoys collaborating with others and building something beautiful, then this role is for you.

We are looking for someone that has minimum 2 years experience.
We offer competitive pay.

Our children’s mental health is critical at such a vulnerable age, and at this time in history. We believe it is crucial to make sure the children are building a positive/growth mindset and resiliency in this unprecedented time. An environment that doesn’t breed fear, but love, joy, and critical thinking. An environment where it’s encouraged for children to interact without being encumbered by distance restrictions or covering up those beautiful, happy faces.

Education, Experience and Training:
Must be at least 19 years of age or older. Must be CPR/First Aid certified. Must have a Vulnerable Sector Check. Prior experience working with children is mandatory. Preference to candidates possessing an AMI/MACTE accredited Montessori Diploma or are familiar with the Montessori education system or willingness to learn. ECE/RECE diploma is an asset. Candidates should have a love of health and wellness, an outgoing personality, good interpersonal skills, positive outlook, flexible, collaborative, and open to new ideas and concepts. This position is wonderful opportunity for newly graduated casa and elementary guides to gain classroom experience and be mentored by outstanding guides and leadership.

Key Responsibilities:
• Assist a classroom of 10-24 children of varying ages, needs and abilities by implementing an exceptional Montessori program
• Ensure the safety and well-being of the children at all times
• Enhancing and ensuring a positive and friendly school environment
• Protect presentations lead by head guide by supervising children, conducting small singing/story groups
• Conduct daily observations of classroom and children
• Know and follow all school policies
• Build, maintain and repair (when needed) the classroom’s physical environment, keeping materials and objects clean, functional, attractive, and well stocked.
• Developing, maintaining, and nurturing relationships with the head guide, families,
children, and staff
• Attend staff meetings, professional develop days and school events as required
• Provide annual self-evaluation forms and review

Qualifications and Education Requirements
• Previous experience working with children
• AMI/MACTE accredited Montessori Diploma
• ECE/RECE diploma
• Possess leadership qualities, be organized, dedicated, positive, and love children.
• Work well independently and with others.
• Have excellent communication skills.
• Protect, honour, and respect the well-being of the children.
• Have a passion for health and wellness.
• Have or be willing to get Standard First Aid and CPR certified.
• Vulnerable Sector Reference Check

Successful candidate will be required to provide upon hiring:
• References
• Certificates of the aforementioned qualifications
• A clear vulnerable sector screening
• Standard First Aid/CPR certification, or proof of enrollment in course.

Contact: Adrian
Location: High Park/Roncesvalles

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