From the Dean’s Desk

April 5, 2018

Florene Shuber’s latest adventure!

I have been out of range of Wi-Fi for several days and have just returned from two nights in the Sahara desert.

The highlight of our trip so far has been two days in the tent camp in  the Sahara desert and our camel ride among the dunes.

I spent several days prior to the camel ride designing ways to get out of it.  I did not want to use the age card. A few days earlier, I had witnessed a camel fighting with its handler. It was not a pretty sight.  The camel handler was holding the camel by the tail and the two were racing around each other in circles with lots of screaming and shouting.

On the morning of the trek, I decided to do it, but not before getting assurance that I had the smallest, sweetest, kindest, most mild mannered , gentlest of the 16 camels in the caravan.

After the initial shock of actually getting up from a sitting position, I felt exhilarated. The vistas among the endless caramel coloured dunes were beautiful beyond imagination.

Just I was getting somewhat comfortable, we proceed down a terrifying descent which felt as if it was 180 degrees and I was sure that I would disgrace myself by tumbling over my camels head.

After about 30minutes, I was desperate to locate a TTC stop, so I could get off, but could not locate one. I was not alone with this wish.

This up and down continued for an endless hour and then the problem of how to get off.
Notwithstanding that the handlers were shouting to lean back, I felt like a projectile that was going to land quite a distance away. Luckily the handlers grabbed our arms before  this could happen.

You are the first to know that I have decided that my camel trekking career is over.

January 31, 2018


Watch for the launch date of the Montessori Early Childhood Assistants’ Online Course.