From the Dean’s Desk

October 8, 2014

Montessori Teachers College has commenced the 10th year of high quality Montessori training. Watch out for exciting developments during the coming year.

Our new year started with great enthusiasm and energy:

• Graduation was held on Sept. 24  Many thanks to valedictorian, Heather Wright, accompanied by her two beautiful daughters. Amongst many kind remarks,    Heather shared the following:

 “Graduation is a time of reflecting on the past and looking onward to the future. It is a time that we, as graduates, get together for one last hurrah before moving on to bigger and better adventures. I feel honoured to have studied with such compassionate, positive, curious, respectful and highly talented people. Within our first month alone, we were sewing meticulously measured folding cloths, with just the right fabrics and colour- coding. This certainly set the tone for the year ahead and it slowly became clearer to us why this exactness and attention to detail is so important in understanding the philosophy of the one and only Dr. Maria Montessori. With all the readings, written assignments and discussions, and through the extensive internship throughout the year, I have certainly experienced a “change of heart.”

Graduation 2014

Graduation 2014

Heather continued by thanking the MTC faculty and administration, and offered a special thanks for all the family support she and the graduates received throughout the year. We are grateful to Heather for making this presentation. Thank you, Heather.


• Toronto: Our new EC Diploma and Assistants’ courses began at Bannockburn on September 27.
• Calgary: The Calgary EC diploma group are preparing for final assessments, and a new MTC Montessori Assistants’ Course, led by MTC representative and trainer, Sherin Hasham, will begin later this month
• Lethbridge:  The MTC Early Childhood Assistants’ course is ongoing currently – led by experienced trainer Zahra Faroud, who owns two Montessori schools in Lethbridge.

• School Visit: Paula and Florene enjoyed visiting Liberty Prep School, a new school in an urban Toronto setting.


MTC Graduates Leslie & Erin with Florene Shuber, President, MTC

MTC Graduates
Leslie & Erin with Florene Shuber, President, MTC

Till next time…… Paula Glasgow