Montessori Trainer of Trainers Application



This course is offered to qualified, experienced Montessori teachers who wish to enrich their careers by training as Montessori trainers. Historic foundations of the scientific approach to Montessori education and philosophy.

Entry Requirements

  • A diploma from a MACTE accredited college
  • A minimum of five years' teaching in a Montessori environment
  • A university degree

Course Syllabus

This course offers a detailed introduction to the principles of adult education – a combination of theoretical and practical experiences.

The following topics will be explored: participation, non-participation and access; self planned learning; major personal change; adult education and community action; establishing a learning environment; understanding mixed ability groups; diverse sharing skills; supporting individual and group learning; providing feedback; mentoring;

Course Goals

  • To develop professional, competent Montessori trainers who understand the principles of adult education and model the Montessori principles.
  • To create a team of Montessori Teachers College trainers who will support and continue the work of the founders.

Course Structure

Section 1: Attending lectures and completing assignments

Section 2: Opportunities for integrating theoretical concepts with practical work


A diploma from Montessori Teachers College will be awarded to those who completes all sections of the course successfully.

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