Online Montessori Classroom Assistants’ Course


The course consists of seven modules and video presentations.
Participants will be assigned a tutor that will guide them throughout the course.
Upon successful completion of all course requirements, including a final assessment, adult learners will receive a Certificate of Completion.


• To provide the fundamental principles of the Montessori philosophy
• To provide an understanding of a selection of Montessori materials
• To gain an understanding of the role of the Montessori assistant.


• Participants will learn that Dr. Montessori’s vision of education prepares the child for life.
• Participants will learn that the Montessori assistant supports the child’s learning in a specially prepared environment.


• To gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of the Montessori philosophy.
• To learn the principles underpinning the Montessori principles.
• To develop a deep respect for the abilities of each child.

Intended Audience

• Those who wish to find employment in a Montessori setting.
• Those who wish to enrich their knowledge of child development.
• Parents and others who are considering a Montessori setting for their children.

Admissions Requirements

• Applicants must be 18 year of age or older.

Admission Process

Submit a completed application form by mail, in person or online with:
• A current resume
• Payment of the non-refundable $30.00 application fee

On receipt of your complete application package (including the application fee), you will be contacted for confirmation of acceptance. No interview is required.


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