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June 25, 2020

The Montessori Teachers College Board wish to announce the retirement of Debbie Couture, who has been our Registrar and Administrator for the last 13 years.

We will miss Debbie’s courteous efficiency and graciousness. We know our MTC faculty, current adult learners and our extensive alumni will also miss Debbie’s friendly presence.

We thank Debbie for her years of service with Montessori Teachers College and wish her a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Tanya Chambers will be continuing Debbie’s work during a transition period.

A Message from the Dean

April 9, 2020 

This week the Full Pink Moon was present in our skies.  Many of us spent time outside to wonder at this marvelous phenomenon.

We are anxious and worried at this troubling time in our history when we seem to be facing a new way of life.  The way ahead will be different and may not be easy but we know that human beings are resilient, creative and adaptive.  Previous generations have overcome other similar situations and we will also.

Dr. Montessori, in her book To Educate the Human Potential tells us that “Life is a cosmic agent.”  She understood that everything and everyone on Planet Earth has a task to complete that benefits all.  In that book she discusses Early Great Civilisations and their wonderful achievements.   We continue to benefit from the work of these early previous civilisations. Think of the History of Writing.

We can find peace and joy in our daily lives in a variety of ways – just take a quiet moment to reflect on a piece of prose, music, poetry, nature, such as birdsong or the Pink Moon to bring peace to our spirits.

If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere.  Seamus Heaney, Poet.

I am thinking of you all in these distressing times.  It seems the world is in turmoil and the people are suffering.

Where can we find hope – hope to know that these times will pass? 

Some of us will find hope in music, others will find hope in poetry, more will find hope in chats with friends and family.

Yet more will find hope in the writings of Dr.Montessori or those who follow her. 

For example, Aline D. Wolf writes in her book: Nurturing the Spirit:

A child shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary,” quoting from Jean Grasso Fitzpatrick’s book: Something More.

All of us will find hope in the faces, innocence and spiritual gifts of children. 

I’m sure many of us are receiving inspiring and uplifting sharings/sayings/videos via various media.

Do share these around.  Your contact may be exactly what someone is waiting for.

My sharing for today is an extract below from a poem titled Take Care by Michael D. Higgins:

Take Care

In the journey to the light,

the dark moments

should not threaten.



that you hold steady.

Bend, if you will,

with the wind.

The tree is your teacher,

roots at once

more firm

from experience

in the soil

made fragile.

Keep safe.  Next blog soon.