Casa Montessori Teacher

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Permanent

Job Description

Ashwood Glen is a new, dynamic and progressive school in the heart of Burlington. Our promise is to

always put our students first and ensure we meet their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

Ashwood Glen is seeking a highly committed and passionate Montessori Certified Teacher who will be

responsible for educating, stimulating, influencing, and caring for the children in their classroom

environment. This shall be done in accordance with the values and mission statement of Ashwood Glen


Key responsibilities include:

● Maintaining a high-quality environment,

● Assessing, observing and caring for the individual needs of every child,

● Educating children in accordance to the designated curriculum model for their age group,

● Maintaining open and honest lines of communication between parents and team members and

always exemplified professionalism.

● Provide support for children in the classroom and enable them to fully participate in activities

● Daily reporting and record-keeping – attendance, allergy, medication, communication logs

● Maintain up-to-date emergency cards, attendance, and health and safety checks

● Manage and maintain an orderly classroom

● Participate and interact in team meetings and workshops

● Perform other duties and responsibilities as required from time to time


● Excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to communicate at all levels with

children, coworkers, and parents

● Supportive attitude and ability to provide emotional, physical, and/or behavioral support to


● Highly organized, with strong attention to detail

● Strong collaborator and team player

● Ability to take initiative in and out of the classroom

● Strong problem-solving skills

● Proactive in relation to health and safety


The successful candidate must meet the following requirements:

● Casa Montessori Diploma (AMI / MACTE Accredited Training)

● Minimum 1 year of experience in a licensed childcare facility or Montessori School

● Professional team player who is committed to the growing and learning of each child

● Possess strong leadership and organizational skills

● Strong communication and interpersonal skills (oral and written)

● Effective classroom management skills

● Positive attitude, enthusiastic, engaging and a passion for working with children

● Standard First Aid/CPR Level C

● Updated Immunization record

● Recent police record check

Interested applicants are welcome to apply.